Kamala Harris Policies ... Made California the Most Dangerous Place To Live in America

‘Kamala Harris knew she would not get elected top cop of the state of California as a pro-marijuana candidate’


DATIG: "But it was suspected if Barack Obama were re-elected in 2012, he would change his position on drug legalization. Sure enough, in 2014, all the horrifying predictions over legalizing most dangerous, highly addictive, illegal drugs became reality with passage of California Proposition 47. At the time, California had roughly 18 million registered voters, but only 4.2 million voted to pass Prop 47. Californians knew making drugs more available would harm the youth and make our neighborhoods less safe. By turning a blind eye to decriminalizing most dangerous drugs and lowering penalties on property crimes with passage of George Soros' backed Prop 47, Kamala Harris opened the door to making California the most dangerous state to live in America."

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