Sen. Bernie Sanders Slams Trump: ‘If and When You Lose — You’re Getting Out of Office’

‘I think the fear is absolutely legitimate’


SANDERS: "So what have got to do is work in a number of ways, and one of the ways is — I'm working on this right now  — is to demand that both the House and the Senate hold hearings right now to educate the American people about what might happen and to develop antidotes to that. But several points should be made. Number one, and the American people have got to know this, that most Democrats for whatever reason will be voting in mail-in ballots. That is why Trump is trying to kill mail-in ballots. And that is very likely that this election will not be decided on election night and may carry over. So we've got to educate the American people about what is in front of us and rally the American people to tell Donald Trump. And if and when you lose, you're getting out of office." 

(Via the Hill)

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