Joe Biden: Trump Took a Good Economy and Drove It Back into the Ditch

‘President Obama and I stopped a depression in 2009’


BIDEN: "He said this week, and I quote, 'You better vote for me or you’re going to have the greatest depression you’ve ever seen.' Does he not understand and see the tens of millions of people, who have had to file for unemployment this year so far? People who won’t be able to make next month’s rent payment? The people who lost wages, while the cost of groceries have gone up dramatically? President Obama and I stopped a depression in 2009. We took a bad economy that was falling and turned it around. Trump took a good economy and drove it back into the ditch. Through his failure to get COVID under control, his failure to pull together the leaders in Congress, his failure to deliver real relief to working people has made our country’s economic situation so much worse, so much worse than it had to be.“

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