MSNBC: Appeals Court Denies Michael Flynn’s Motion to Force Dismissal of Case

‘This is a setback for Michael Flynn’


WILLIAMS: “Well, this is a setback for Michael Flynn, Andrea. By a vote of 8-2, the U.S. Court of Appeals here in Washington has denied his request to have an order for the trial judge to dismiss the case. Now you remember -- may remember, the Justice Department wanted to drop the prosecution. Judge Emmet Sullivan said, well, I actually want to hear from both sides to see what’s behind his decision, whether it’s in the public interests. Flynn’s lawyers went to the Court of Appeals and said order him not to do -- no the to do this. Order him to drop the case. A three-jump panel of the court said it wouldn’t do that and now the full court, said it would. But now the full Court of Appeals has said, no. It goes back now to the trial judge.”

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