WaPo’s Rucker: Dem Rep. Dingell, Biden Campaign Concerned ‘a Lot of Blue Lives Matter Signs’ Popping up in Suburban Detroit Area

‘Whe’s been communicating that with the Biden campaign’


RUCKER: "Well, first of all, Geoff, your theory sounds just about right because there’s been widespread support in this country for the ideals and values of Black Lives Matter, and it’s worth pointing out that President Trump, according to all the polling data in the summer was very much on the wrong side of that issue. But the fear for Democrats in those upper Midwestern states, in Wisconsin, also in Michigan and also notably in Minnesota, where my reporting shows some Democrats are increasingly nervous about softening there for Biden. That, of course, is the epicenter of this movement. Minneapolis being where George Floyd was killed several months back. There is concern there that these images and that this law and order message from the president is working to start to pry away some of those white voters. I was talking to Congresswoman Debbie Dingell the other day. She represents a suburban Detroit district. She said, she drives around her district and she has seen a lot of Blue Lives Matter signs popping up in suburban neighborhoods and that’s given her serious pause and she’s been communicating that with the Biden campaign."

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