Don Jr. Mocks Biden: We Are Not Entrusting the Average Grandparent with the Nuclear Football

‘When you look at the health record of Joe Biden, it’s pretty dismal’


TRUMP JR.: “Is it because he can’t or because there’s nothing to do, I do 50 zoom calls a day representing congressman or senators, doing fundraising, is it that he can’t do it or he’s just physically not able. Again, I don’t mean to make light of those health issues. I understand how serious that is. I understand a lot of people who are older. The differences were not entrusting the average grandparent with the nuclear football. Were not entrusting them with the greatest economy of the world. Were not entrusting them with 350 million people. When you look at health record of Joe Biden it’s pretty dismal and if Donald Trump had a fraction of this it would be a disqualifying factor as far as the media is concerned. They would talk about it nonstop. Every television psychologist would be on TV saying it’s over, he can’t possibly do this when Joe Biden has these stumbles, when he can’t remember his wife from his sister.”

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