RNC Chair: Kamala Harris Policies ‘Are So out of Touch with Mainstream America’

‘Kamala Harris is for Medicare for all’


McDANIEL: "I think when you look at her policies – and, again, they did this glossy image, this smoke and mirrors convention where they really didn’t get to the meat of what they proposed. Kamala Harris is for Medicare-for-all, government-run health care, which means moms like me will lose our private health insurance and not be able to go to the pediatrician I’ve gone to with my kids for 17 years. She is for radical things like giving health care to people who come to this country illegally and break the law. She applauded Eric Garcetti when he defunded the police in L.A.. I mean, if suburban moms hear about what Kamala Harris is putting forward, the more they know about her, the less they’ll like her because her policies are so out of touch with mainstream America."

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