Jason Miller: Kamala Harris Is No Moderate, She Supports the Green New Deal and Medicare For All

‘All of that would be gone under Kamala Harris or Joe Biden’


MILLER: "Of course it’s the way she’s trying to appear, but don’t take my word for it, Maria. Look at Jon Favreau, not the Hollywood actor, but the former Obama speechwriter, who said that Kamala Harris is no moderate. She supports Medicare for All, the real deal kind, the $32 trillion kind, the take away your health insurance kind. She also supports the Green New Deal, again, the AOC version, getting rid of the planes, getting rid of the cows, and getting rid of automobiles, way out into left field territory. Heck, you spent a lot of time talking about the price of oil and the energy explosion we have seen here in the U.S. All of that would be gone under Kamala Harris or Joe Biden, but even a Jon Favreau said that Kamala Harris was no moderate, she is a liberal, she is a progressive.”

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