MSNBC: Joe Biden Has Selected Kamala Harris To Be His Running Mate

‘I am just being told we have a pick and it’s Kamala Harris of California’


MEMOLI: "Well, what was I just saying, Brian? The obvious choice to a lot of folks before this process is indeed the final choice for the former Vice President. It is California Senator Kamala Harris. I think a number of factors to take into consideration. One is, when we’ve seen vice presidential — when we’ve seen a vice presidential choice that has been a surprise, what has been a common theme? It has been somebody who needed to shake up the race. I think Sarah Palin being chosen by John McCain in 2008. Think of Geraldine Ferraro by Walter Mondale in 1984. This, of course, is a campaign that is feeling very much confident in its current standing in the polls, aware, of course, that when you’re running against Donald Trump, things can change in a hurry.” 

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