Sen. Chuck Schumer: Sen. McConnell ‘Sees Everything Through a Political Lens’

‘Leader McConnell doesn’t seem to understand this’


SCHUMER: “The $3.4 million in the HEROES Act was based on the country's needs, which is so large and so diverse. It's not a political position. It's what our country needs. It's schools, it's businesses, it's renters, it's homeowners, it's essential workers, it's post office, it's elections, state and local governments, our healthcare system. Leader McConnell doesn't seem to understand this. He sees everything through a political lens. But we Democrats are looking at the real needs of people, and they are large. They are in many different places and that is why we called for a large bill. Because it was needed. Because the American people demanded it. And at this point the American people are on our side. Two-thirds, by survey data, support the $3.4 billion Democratic plan, not the skimpy Republican plan that doesn't deal with people's needs.”

(Via the Hill)

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