Navarro: Every Time You Sign Up to TikTok, Your Personal Information Is Potentially Going Back to CCP

‘Don’t fall for this’


NAVARRO: “It’s a social media app that allows you to do short videos and share with your friends. It sounds like fun. But every time you sign for TikTok, all your information potentially is going back to the Chinese communist party, the Chinese military and the Chinese government. They can use these social media apps to steal your personal information, your business information. And they use the social media apps to track you and surveil you and monitor your movements. President Trump looked at this. Secretary poem pay oh has waxed eloquent on it as well. If they are using TikTok and they hear the president is going to basically ban that. Get on the Trump train with that. That app you are use is dangerous. China hired a whole bunch of American lobbyists, they put a puppet CEO in charge of that company. They will say it can’t hurt you. Don’t fall for this. There was a vicious leak that went out trying to push the president into a corner saying Microsoft is going to bite. Guess what about Microsoft. Microsoft is the software the people’s liberation army in China run on. Microsoft helped China build its great firewall used to surveil, censor and imprison sometimes the Chinese people. So we have to be careful about all of this. But the president has taken a bold decision here. India basically banned TikTok as well as 67 other applications. What the president and the White House will be doing, any kind of software that sends information for Americans back to servers in China will come under scrutiny and they shouldn’t be serving the American people.”

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