Judge Jeanine: It’s Time to Get America ‘Back on Track’

‘You have 93 days’


PIRRO: “The law requires the Department of Homeland Security to protect federal property. Forget that the neighbors are petrified and haven’t slept in 60 days. Make sense to you? You cannot use Hydroxychloroquine as a possible therapeutic in the early stages of the Coronavirus because it can kill you, and it’s against the law in one state to use it off label. The drug that’s been used for 60 years is demonized, and in some states banned for use as a treatment because President Trump dared to mention it. In spite of the fact that scores of front line doctors and healthcare workers continuously recommend its benefits along with zinc and a z-pac prophylactically and in the oral stables of the virus. Our own Dr. Marc Siegel prescribed it for his dad and said it was a miracle cure for him. But for others it must be outlawed. Exhibit five. Dr. Fauci, the head of the national institute of infectious diseases for 40 years told us the people of the United States don’t need to be worried about Covid because it’s not a main threat. We don’t need a wear a mask. Then we need to wear a mask. That it’s okay to huge on Tinder, but plan to never shake hands again. That we shouldn’t use Hydroxychloroquine because it’s ineffective, and calls studies flawed that show it is effective. As a physician responsible for public health should he not be receptive to all observations made by doctors on the front lines, not just chase a vaccine to find ways to address symptoms and complications and arrest the progression of a viral disease? Does this make sense to you? Exhibit six. More than 100 police agencies have backed out of security for the Milwaukee DNC after their civilian oversight commission denied police the use of tear gas and pepper spray to maintain crowd control during out of control protests. Make sense to you? Folks, we are living in an upside down world where Politics is the deciding factor for all things. Work, play, religion, safety and health. This is not a good place to be. Truth and honesty are essential. But when clouded by the Politics of lies, they are almost impossible to find. You have 93 days. If you like living like this, you can get more of the same with that guy hiding in the basement bunker Joe. It’s time to take America back and get it back on track with president Donald Trump.”

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