Leo Terrell: Ferguson Riots, ‘Black Lives’ Started Under Obama Who Made Problems Worse

‘Send me an email, write down all the things Obama and Biden did for blacks’


TERRELL: “Let’s be honest, he caused more problems. That’s when black lives started, Ferguson, riots. Let me be very clear to all those Democrats. President Trump is done much more than Obama, Biden and the last eight years. This is what President Trump has done. Lowest black on appointment rate. He has funded historical black colleges. That’s a fact. He signed an Executive Order on justice reform bill and more importantly, the First Step Act ended with the crime bill of Joe Biden created in 1994. I challenge Democrat, send me an email, write down all the things Obama and Biden did for blacks. It will probably be an empty sheet of paper but send it to me because President Trump has a record to run on for.”

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