Wallace Calls out Biden for Avoiding Sunday Shows: Runs Risk of Looking ‘Rusty’ in Debate If He’s Not Facing Tough Questions

‘You know, you have to get into game shape like you would for a sport season or anything else’


WALLACE: “Thank you for asking, obviously in the aftermath of my interview with the president, the president saying Joe Biden could not do this kind of interview, we asked last week for an interview this past Sunday with Joe Biden, and they said that he is not available for that Sunday. That’s not saying that he will not do an interview from now until Election Day, and we will ask every week. But you know, we will see. The interesting thing is he has not done any Sunday shows since Covid. That’s an interesting thing. And I think that it raises a risk for the vice president. If he does not have the kind of vigorous persistent questioning that you get on any Sunday show, especially I think I’m Fox News Sunday, I think that he runs a risk going into that first presidential debate at the end of September. You know, you have to get into game shape like you would for a sport season or anything else, and I think that if you haven’t, you may be a little rusty. Which is not a good thing 180 million people are watching.”

(Via Mediaite)

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