Scarborough: ‘Obama Did Exactly What John Lewis Would Have Wanted Him To Do at His Funeral’

‘And if somehow it’s sleazy to talk about the right of black and Hispanic, Asian-American voters to get out and express their choice on Election Day, if that’s sleazy, then you have a different view of John Lewis’


SCARBOROUGH: "So there’s a tale of the tape between the 45th president of the United States and the 44th president of the United States. You know, there were some sad, pathetic tools of Donald Trump who still shamelessly defend absolutely everything he does and think if they’re over the top and bombastic in the attacks against people who tell the truth to you that somehow that will discourage others from telling the truth about Donald Trump and what’s going on in this country. But let me just say, knowing John Lewis the way I did, and I knew him pretty damn well, Barack Obama did exactly what John Lewis would have wanted him to do in that funeral yesterday."

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