MSNBC’s O’Donnell Blames Federal Police for ‘Riotous Behavior’ in Portland

‘In 1968 Richard Nixon became the first presidential candidate to successfully ride that slogan, law and order, to victory’


O'DONNELL: "And tonight Donald Trump is trying to run the kind of Republican presidential campaign that won Richard Nixon the presidency in 1968 by less than 1% of the vote. It is the law and order campaign. In 1968 Richard Nixon became the first Republican presidential candidate to successfully ride that slogan, 'Law and order,' to victory. And that is why, under the guidance of convicted felon Roger Stone who idolized Richard Nixon, Donald Trump sporadically tweets 'Law and order!' That’s it. And that is why Donald Trump is playing with fire in Portland, Oregon tonight. Donald Trump is clearly hoping for fire in Portland tonight. Portland officials accuse the federal officers, who Donald Trump has sent into Portland ostensibly to protect federal property, of provoking and in some circumstances initiating the kind of chaos and riotous- looking behavior television cameras have been capturing in Portland after dark. Like Richard Nixon before him, Donald Trump believes those images will scare Americans into voting for the tough law and order Republican candidate for president.”

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