CNN’s Tapper to Gov. Reeves: Not Having a Statewide Mask Mandate Like ‘Having Part of the Pool That It’s Okay to Pee In’

‘People travel from county to county’

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TAPPER: “The bars are still open in Mississippi. So you noted that there is a mask mandate in 13 out of 82 counties. The Mississippi state medical association this past week said that you should implement a statewide mask mandate. They said, quote, we strongly believe that without a statewide mask mandate, our state’s health care system cannot sustain the trajectory of this outbreak. You’ve encouraged residents to wear masks. But it’s only 13 out of 82 counties that have the mask mandate. The medical association says it should be the whole county. Isn’t — you call it surgical, but is it the idea of having a mask mandate only in some places and not the whole state? Isn’t that like having part of the pool that it’s okay to pee in? People travel from county to county.”

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