ABC News: Intel Officials ‘Fear’ OPM Hack Is a ‘First Phase’ of ‘Sweeping Spy Campaign’

‘— A cyber attack the authorities worry goes well beyond identity theft’

ROBERTS: “The massive security breach, personal information for at least 4 million government workers stolen. Intelligence experts are worried this is just the first wave of a major attack which could be used to spy on Americans. ABC's Pierre Thomas has exclusive new details from Washington. Good morning, Pierre.”

THOMAS: “Good morning, Robin. We have disturbing new evidence today that the hack of the office of personnel management is worse than we knew, with potentially enormous national security implications.”

[clip starts]

THOMAS (voice-over): “ABC News has learned that intelligence official’s fear hackers would targeted the office of personnel management may have launched the first phase of a sweeping spy campaign against the United States government. Private information about 4 million current and former government employees appears to have been compromised in one of the most devastating breaches ever, a cyber attack that authorities worry goes well beyond identity theft. Among those government workers potentially hit, many working in key positions. Some current and former cabinet secretaries, FBI agents and analysts, conducting sensitive investigation, secret service personnel, including agents who protect the president. It’s just the kind of information U.S. adversaries would covet.”

OLSEN: “A government could use all of this private information about federal workers, especially those who may have security clearances, to advance an espionage agenda.”

THOMAS (voice-over): “The president described the growing threat at the G-7 summit.”

OBAMA: “Both state and non-state actors are sending everything they've got at trying to breach these systems.”

[clip ends]

THOMAS: “No final conclusions, but sources say the evidence points to hackers working on behalf of the Chinese government. And those sources appear stunned that the government would house so much vital information about so many key employees in one apparently unsecure place. George.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: “Such a massive breach. Okay, Pierre, thanks very much.”

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