Victor Davis Hanson: Teachers Who Follow the Science Should Know That Children Are Not the Problem

‘Children are the cooling rods of this reaction and they don’t get the virus at all very often’

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DAVIS HANSON: “That’s what my colleague has pointed out, children are the cooling rods of this reaction and they don’t get the virus at all very often and they tend to not be very infectious and they don’t transmit it. So in some weird way it’s good that they are around. The people who are vulnerable are just what you said, but they don’t want to do that because that would mean the economy would be fully operative and they wouldn’t have a political agenda. They are getting paid now not to teach and everybody knows it. The people who have to pay their salaries, the taxpayers don’t have that luxury. It’s very selfish what they are doing and it’s ironic because a Progressive teachers are always lecturing us on, let’s follow the science. Well science is clear from Scandinavia, Switzerland and China that children are not the problem, it’s just who you talked about. People my age over 60, and you can treat them without something down the entire economy and school system.”

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