NBC’s Ben Collins on Twitter Hack: ‘This Could Have Been a Really Dangerous Day’

‘We don’t really fully understand what happened yet, neither does Twitter, really’


COLLINS: “It tells me that this could have been a really dangerous day, not just for democracy but for the world. You know, we don’t really fully understand what happened yet. Neither does Twitter, really. They took some steps. They verified Twitter accounts from tweeting in the interim. But we don’t know if the people who hacked this had access to people’s direct messages. If they did, that’s a national security issue, frankly. And they could have posted anything. Thankfully, I think we got lucky so far. You know, they just wanted people’s Bitcoin. They wanted to make a quick buck. If they wanted more than that, if they wanted to create chaos, destabilize the world, they really could have done it today.”

(Via Mediaite)

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