Tucker: If Biden Wins, the Rest of America Will Turn into ‘Chaotic’ New York City

‘In a sentence, they’d like to make the rest of America very much like our biggest cities have become’


CARLSON: “Why does any of that mean? We don’t know, Joe Biden doesn’t either. It’s all good, man. This is not a candidate who could soon be president of the United States. Don’t tell him that, it will only make him anxious. The people around Biden, in contrast, are not anxious, they are completely in control and yesterday they gave the rest of us a glimpse of what that is, the Biden campaign released a long document outlining its goals, written by Eric Holder, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among others. These are the people who will run the country if Joe Biden is elected in November, so what’s their plan? In a sentence, they’d like to make the rest of America very much like our biggest cities have become. Squalid, dangerous, chaotic and unhappy. They’d like to do to your neighborhood what they have done to New York City. The main thing they’ve done to New York is make it scary. Violent crime is surging dramatically there as we have told you night after night and one of the main reasons for that is the elimination of cash bail, the city no longer holds of the people that arrests, criminals are in and out of custody immediately. The Biden campaign plans to abolish cash bail everywhere. No bail for any crime nationwide. Think about what that would mean. Americans are fleeing urban areas in huge numbers. Big cities are to mismanage, they’re too dangerous. Unless you are very rich are very poor, you’re getting out. New York City lost 53,000 people in 2019, they will lose more far more than that this year.”

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