Gov. DeSantis Defends Trump’s Coronavirus Comments, Says Mortality for Healthy Young People ‘Pretty Much Zero’

‘I’m not minimizing it, but I think we should also have a proper perspective’


DESANTIS: "No, no, no. Well, I’m not minimizing it, but I think we should also have a proper perspective. When we went into this, there were people saying that a 20-year-old was just as at-risk as a 90-year-old. And that’s just not factually true. We know where the risk is. We know the comorbidities that are impacted. We got data on this now. We know who the folks who are more vulnerable who need to be protected, so it's a very serious thing and I don't think he was trying to minimize it, but I mean, clearly we've viewed it as serious from the beginning in January when we were monitoring it. But at the same time, when you hear news about cases, I just think that should be put in the proper context and perspective, that the number one age for cases in Florida is 21. And if you’re 21 and you don’t have significant comorbidities, your fatality rate is pretty much zero with that.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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