Biden: Donald Trump Failed Us; We Don’t Need a Cheerleader, We Need President

‘Now it’s almost July, and it seems like our wartime president surrendered’


BIDEN: "It didn’t have to be this way. Month after month, as other leaders in other countries took the necessary steps to get the virus under control, Donald Trump failed us. Month after month, as many of us urged him to step up and do his job, he failed us. ... Now it’s almost July, and it seems like our wartime president surrendered, waved the white flag, the white flag that left the battlefield. Today we are facing a serious threat, and we have to meet it. We have to meet it as one country. But the president gives no direction and he pits us against one another. We can’t continue like this. Half recovering and half getting worse. We can’t continue. Half wearing masks and half rejecting science. We can’t continue. Half with a plan and half just hoping for the best. ... You called yourself a cheerleader. We don’t need a cheerleader, Mr. President. We need a president, Mr. President; a president who will level with the American people, a president to tell us the unvarnished truth. A president that will take responsibility instead of always blaming others. A president that will listen to the experts, follow the science, allow them to speak. A president to lead and be an example for the nation. Wear a mask. Keep your distance. Limit the size of crowds. Mr. President, this is not about you, it’s about the health and well being of the American public."

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