Hannity: People Like Me Are Leaving New York City, Watch Your Tax Revenue Go Down the Sewer

‘You don’t want me here anyway and so are a lot of other people’


HANNITY: “Rick Leventhal, great reporting as always, I have a message for comrade de Blasio, he will hear about this and Andrew, I have a message for you, too. New York leaves the entire country and people leaving your state and city, see what’s going on there? People like me, I am leaving this state. You know why? You don’t want me here anyway and so are a lot of other people. Watch your tax revenue go right in the sewer and as Democrats and the mob and the media continue to melt down of our President Trump celebrating the fourth of July at Mount Rushmore this weekend, the DNC, they are even finding more ways to completely embarrass themselves and this will be on the ballot in 126 days, in a now deleted tweet that the president is “Glorifying white supremacy by going to the iconic landmarks to celebrate our nation’s Independence.”

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