Hannity Blasts Obama, Biden: Do You Know All the Names of Those Who Were Shot in Chicago While You Were in Office?

‘In other words, they’ve been run by Democrats for decades’


HANNITY: “Everybody says Donald Trump fights, he fights with the media, he fights with Democrats but he also fights for the American people. I’m not sick of winning. As far left lunatics continue to push for police to actually be defunded and dismantled, violent crime is on the rise in every major city, especially in blue states and blue cities, in other words they’ve been run by Democrats for decades. Look at your screen. Obama, Biden, deadly violence exploded the entire eight years they were in office in the city of Chicago, 4,000 Americans, most of them killed in Chicago, thousands of thousands of others shot every weekend and they sadly barely mentioned it and the violence continues to this day, 125 years in public office in D.C. And Donald Trump has done more than three and a half years. On Monday six more people were shot, three were killed, that comes after 18 people were killed over the weekend. 106 shots the previous weekend, this weekend we lost a 20-month-old baby, look at that beautiful child. She was hit with a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting.”

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