Eric Trump on Biden: The Man Has No Fight in Him, My Dad Has Taken on the Entire World

‘He didn’t make any sense, he was stumbling through it’


TRUMP: “I thought today, first of all he had zero energy. I have to watch this stuff, I had a tough time watching it. He didn’t make any sense, he was stumbling through it, some of the questions were — “Sir, we are roughly the same age and once in a while I make mistakes.” And if you don’t remember the time that the media was lambasting, the medical doctors, Ronnie Jackson, all these guys in the White House, remember them going after him, “Is the president capable of surveying, is he on hard drugs? And then you see these questions, “Yes, the 3,000 we have it last week, we are roughly the same age and I understand it can happen, it’s insane. He didn’t answer anything, everything he said was very generic. The man has no fight in him. Can you imagine him —”

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