Tucker: If You Want To Be Left Alone To Do Your Job, Your Protector Is the Republican Party

‘There are no other options’


CARLSON: “You want to be left alone to do your job and raise your family in this country you will need a protector. That protector must be the Republican Party, there are no other options, but it must be a very different kind of Republican Party. Keep in mind you are getting our Republican Party matter what happens. Once Donald Trump is gone, former governor Nikki Haley tops that list. But there are many others on it. They tell you Republicans lost power, and if you listen carefully you can hear them say that even now. It’s alive. Republicans are failing for a fundamental reason and they are failing because they haven’t done much that is worth doing. They haven’t tried very hard to improve your life and when the crisis came they fled. They did nothing to defend you and did nothing to defend the country. They had no clue what to do.”

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