Ray Kelly on Defund the Police: ‘The Whole Concept of Defunding is Ludicrous’

‘Right now this looks like a kabuki deal going on’


KELLY: "I’m sure they have the votes lined up, but I don’t know exactly what’s in this package. Obviously the whole concept of defunding is ludicrous. Taking resources away from the police somehow to hurt the police. But right now this looks like a bit of a kabuki deal going on. You’re talking about delaying a police hiring class coming up in July, that's about $40 million. You’re talking about doing something in the capital budget which is usually five years out. Cutting back on overtime, which is a hardy perennial,
you always talk about that. But nowhere, as far as I know so far, does it come anywhere close to a billion dollars. So we'll have to see. This may be another con game on the part of the Mayor."

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