Heather Mac Donald: Police Are the Government Agency that ‘Most Cares About Saving Black Lives’

‘The police are not systemically racist’


MAC DONALD: “I have never been to a police community meeting in a high-crime minority neighborhood, whether it's in Harlem or the South Side of Chicago where I do not hear those good people of the community, the store owners, the elderly, begging for more police, not less. They understand that with the breakdown of the family in the inner city, the police are the only thing standing between them and anarchy. This movement is extraordinarily reckless, that it is getting any attention from the nation's leaders and political elite is a scandal. And it shows yet again that the Black Lives Matter movement is utter hypocrisy. It does not give a damn about black lives, because if it did, it would not seek to delegitimate every essential institution of American law enforcement, whether it’s the police, whether it's prosecutors, whether it's judges.” 

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