McEnany on Soleimani: ‘There Has Been No One Who Has Acted More Forcefully than this President’

‘He has a track record of that’


MCENANY: “And also, I would note that when it comes to acting on viable, actionable, credible intelligence, there has been no one who has acted more forcefully than this President. He has a track record of that. He has made protecting our American troops overseas his highest and strongest priority. As you know, Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of 600 Americans and thousands maimed from 'explosively formed penetrators,' other improvised explosive devices, improvised rocket-assisted munitions, rockets, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, small arms, snipers and other attacks in Iraq. This is what Soleimani did to our American troops. You had President Bush who declined to strike Soleimani, who was 'in the crosshairs' according to The New York Times. You had Obama-Biden who 'never made an effort to strike Soleimani. But you had this President who when he had actionable intelligence to protect American troops, he did it. He took that option.”

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