Joe Biden: We Need at Least 100,000 Federally Funded Workers for Contact Tracing

‘We need more contact tracers’


BIDEN: “We need to increase federal support for testing, that includes doubling the number of drive through testing sites and keep increasing them until there’s no more lines. We should create a pandemic testing board to spearhead a nationwide campaign so every worker, every worker who’s called back to the job can have the confidence that they and fellow workers are not infected. You know, experts agree that we need more contact tracers. To track the path of this virus. Individual states like New York and California already hiring and training thousands of tracers but we need to do more, including hiring at least 100,000 federally funded workers to perform contact tracing and other public health tasks and they should begin to be trained now. Second, every single front line worker should have the personal protective equipment that they need to be safe.”

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