Claire McCaskill Blames Trump Not Wearing a Mask for EU Keeping Travel Restriction on Americans

‘So this is really an indictment of Donald J. Trump’s leadership’


McCASKILL: “Well, it is a direct indictment of the leadership of this country and how they have handled this virus. Look no further than the issue of masks, Ayman. This — I mean, when you add Mitch McConnell tweeting that people should wear masks and you have the Republican chairman of the Health Committee saying to wear masks, what Trump has done is he has signaled to this country that if you wear a mask, you don’t support him. He has actually done that. I mean, think about how irresponsible that is from a public health standpoint. We know masks prevent the spread. So the rest of the world is looking at Trump and watching him refuse to wear a mask, but somehow that reflects on his strength. He looks like a weak little baby for refusing to wear a mask.”

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