Newt Gingrich: Biden, Democrats Would Be ‘Reinstating Racism’ with Slavery Reparations

‘But this time it’ll be black racism instead of white’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says slavery reparations, which 2020 presidential nominee Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders support studying, would mean "reinstating racism" and dividing the country by race.

Gingrich called Biden’s consideration of reparations for descendants of slaves “insane and impossible” to implement. He also commented on Congressional Black Caucus Chair Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) saying she expects the Democratic-led House to vote on a bill that would establish a commission to study providing reparations to descendants of slaves.

“Look they [Democrats] need a rallying cry in the black community because they can't sell their performance. So you go to a place like Chicago where 102 people were shot this weekend,” Gingrich said during an interview with Just the News. “You say, ‘yes, but I'm going to get you reparations — every person who's black deserves $35,000 whatever the number is. So would you like $35,000? If you do, vote for us.’ Now, you start getting into questions in the age of Elizabeth Warren.”

(h/t Just the News)

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