Victor Davis Hanson on Push To Remove Police from Schools: Virtue Signaling Elites Will Never Be Subject to Their Own Ideology

‘The same thing holds true for the defunding of police’


DAVIS HANSON: “I don’t think anybody gets up in the morning and says I want a police officer at my school. I am speaking from somebody at a very impoverished area, who all three children of mine went to public schools. They have law enforcement officers to protect them. And every student there, this is largely an effort from the lower middle classes that did not have the money or the contacts or the influence to put their kids in private schools or to have private guards. And the irony of it is the effort to get them out of there is largely from virtue signaling elites that will never be subject to the consequences of their own ideology. The same thing holds true for the defunding of police. We will lay off a lot of police officers. At cut rate prices they will be hired by other communities of upscale liberal people who caused the middle classes and lower classes to be much more vulnerable, as you saw in your earlier segment in Seattle.”

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