Willie Geist: GOP Should Speak Their Conscience and Not Worry About Trump’s Tweets or the Primary

‘Ben Sasse won his primary by 50 points, so perhaps Republicans should speak their conscience’


GEIST: "President Trump’s threat to campaign against Senator Murkowski came after Murkowski endorsed the scathing criticism of President Trump's leadership from former Secretary of State James Mattis. Senator Murkowski also said she is grappling with whether to support the president in the coming elections. First of all, Eddie, I just love the idea of President Trump traveling and trudging through the snows of Juneau, Alaska to campaign against Lisa Murkowski during a Republican primary in a couple of years. But it’s such a measure of our times when it’s an act of courage to actually speak out as a Republican against President Trump. We heard from a couple of senators in the wake of what happened in the clearing of Lafayette Square, Ben Sasse among them. The argument has always been they fear the President’s tweet, they fear a primary if they’re viewed as going against President Trump. But I pointed out previously on this show, a few weeks ago, Ben Sasse won his primary by 50 points. So perhaps Republicans should speak their conscience more often and not worry about the tweets or the primary."

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