Eddie Glaude: We Witnessed the ‘Theater of Dictatorial Power’ When Trump Cleared Lafayette Park

‘We know what Donald Trump can do’


GLAUDE JR.: "You know, Joe, I’ve been thinking about these letters in a broader context. I want to pan out for a quick second. In some ways, what we witnessed with Donald Trump clearing Lafayette Park for the photo-op was the theater of dictatorial power. He conscripted our military into that theater. We saw some of — we know what Donald Trump can do. Remember when he deployed troops to the border with his caravan crisis, that manufactured crisis? Remember that powerful moment that we talked about on this show, with General Mattis telling his soldiers to hold the line, that we were in a difficult time. You could draw a straight line from that moment, what he said then, to the last paragraph that Willie read a few seconds ago. But what we’re seeing here is a direct challenge, not just simply them holding their oaths, but they see the implication of this theater of dictatorial power and what Donald Trump is trying to do.”

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