W. Kamau Bell: You’re Attacking ‘Black Lives Matter’ When You Say ‘All Lives Matter’

‘If you’re bothered by the phrase ‘Black lives matter,’ good’


BELL: “Black people are doing all we can to get white people’s attention. If you’re bothered by the phrase ‘black lives matter,’ good. Investigate the phrase. The fact is, all lives don’t matter the same. If they did we wouldn’t have to say black lives matter. And nobody, this is why if you use the phrase all lives matter, it is just an attack on the idea of black lives matter. This is how I say that nobody ever said all lives matter, before the phrase black lives matter ... It was only invented in the wake of black lives matter. Nobody was walking around going, I want to say all lives matter. If somebody had you’d go, are you ok? Do you need to eat?”

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