Illinois Governor JB Pritzker: I Don’t Know Any Governor Who’s Going to Call in Federal Troops

‘He does not have the ability to send troops in without being called on by the states to do it’


PRITZKER: "No, and I would reject that. He does not have the ability to send troops in without being called on by the states to do it. I don’t know any governor that’s going to call on the federal government, the federal troops to enter their state. We don’t need that. We have our National Guard backing up, supporting local law enforcement. We have our state police supporting local law enforcement. This is going to take a couple of days. There’s no doubt about it. But last night, there was a big, beautiful, peaceful protest that took place, and each night there has been. Although, again, there have been roving elements of people who are just looking to cause damage, some of it in a very organized fashion. We need help from the federal government to put it down. One thing I’ll point out to you is that I had a conversation with the FBI yesterday and asked them, who is responsible? There are organized elements out there that are political in nature. They basically said, 'No, we don’t have that going on in Illinois.' So, you know, rather than echoing what the President says about Antifa, what they’re saying is that this is not — these are people looking to loot, looking to profit, organized crime, essentially."

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