Scarborough: This Pandemic Should Teach Everyone Why Health Insurance Is So Important

‘This pandemic has disproportionately impacted people who don’t have adequate health care coverage’

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SCARBOROUGH: “Eddie Glaude, as we look at those numbers and we look at the front page of ‘The New York Times,’ we would be remiss if we didn’t underline the fact that this pandemic has disproportionately hit black communities. This pandemic has disproportionately impacted people who don’t have adequate health care coverage. It’s likely for all Americans, but especially members of the black community, leaders of the black community. This pandemic should force everyone, once again, to see why health insurance, not only for black Americans, but for all Americans, is so critical in a pandemic and after a pandemic.”

GLAUDE JR.: “You’re so right, Joe. The virus has metastasized in the breakages of our society and the fissures of society. It has revealed, in so many ways, how inequality has in some ways undermined American democracy, prior to COVID-19. You know, as I looked at that cover and watched the special yesterday, I was thinking about the loss of each of those individuals, Joe. You know, you have to think about each of those persons being a member of a family, being a member of a community, and how the very fabric of those communities and those families have been, in some ways, rend by that loss. So you have to multiply that number not simply by the number of dead, 100,000, but you have to think about the nested network communities in which those people lived and the impact that has. And then I want to juxtapose that to the video, really quickly, that opened this segment. You have the image of bold angels sacrificing, exhibiting the character of courage. You have to juxtapose that sacrifice with the rampant selfishness we see today, and then look at the 100,000-plus, we’re on our way to 100,000 who are dead. So to think about sacrifice, selfishness, and the reality of those that we’ve lost, we are in a terrible state right now as a country.”

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