Brett Tolman Blasts ‘Activist’ Judge Emmet Sullivan for Stalling Flynn Case

‘This is an outrageous decision’


KILMEADE: “The federal judge in the Michael Flynn case delaying a decision on whether to drop his charges at DOJ’s request. Judge Emmet Sullivan, 72 years old, now allowing outside groups to weigh in, including former Watergate prosecutors who reportedly filed a brief against Flynn. Here to discuss it former U.S. Attorney for Utah Brett Tolman. Brett your take on the judge’s move?"
TOLMAN: "I thought I had seen things in 20 plus years in the federal criminal justice system but this is a first. I mean, this is an outrageous decision by a judge who has now placed himself into that you know, awful category of a an activist who is willing to set aside rules, set aside ethics, set aside precedent and just go in a direction because is he politically motivated to do so."

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