Pelosi: Voters in Pain Are Paying Attention to Trump’s Unwillingness to Fund Food

‘America has a big heart, a heart full of love, and people care about each other’

PELOSI: “All of these things are for the good of helping people in personal lives but also a stimulus to the economy. Ask any —well, almost any, I don’t know who they would drum up, economist they will tell you food stamps, imagine they are against SNAP, against expanding the opportunity for people to have access to food stamps at a time where the papers and news is full of families in long lines at food banks. And we have to help those food banks as well. So this is personal. It’s heartbreaking, really. So I have confidence in the American people. America has a big heart, a heart full of love, and people care about each other. What they see what we’re doing, it will be big because the problem is big and needs are big of the American people, that it will be more attention paid to what the Republicans are saying or doing and then a judgment can be made. But I’m optimistic always. I see everything as an opportunity, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity.”

(h/t Breitbart)

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