Texas Lieutenant-Governor: Jailed Salon Owner ‘Should Be Home with Her Kids’

‘She should be home for mother’s day and this judge showed no mercy and no compassion’


PATRICK: “I don’t focus on attack dogs, I focus on Shelley and she should be home with her kids and she should be home for mother’s day and this judge showed no mercy and no compassion. My son who is a us attorney, had a great reputation always showed compassion and mercy when it was called for in this was a situation when it was called for. When you’re a small businessperson and I’m a small business person and so many Texans are small business, when you have all your money wrapped up in your business and all your dreams wrapped up in your business and a judge takes them away from you and says you’re going to go to jail because you are fighting for them, you and I talked about this last week we don’t want anyone to go to jail, we would like people to follow the orders and so she didn’t follow the orders but the judge could have simply said let me give you a $50 find the one day in jail, suspended sentence, no time in jail at all, just a suspended sentence but this judge was in the addictive.”

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