Kevin McCarthy: ‘What China Has Done Has Directly Led To American Death’

‘Had China been honest with the world, 95% of this never would have happened’


MCCARTHY: “I remember Twitter, people on Twitter criticizing you because you were one of the first ones coming out there concerned about the laboratories in Wuhan. Concerned about was China being honest with the American public. Now we see own study by South Hampton that had China been honest with the world, 95 percent of this never would have happened. What China has done has directly led to American deaths and this is where we should have started long ago. And President Trump has been correct about China long before when he was just a candidate about our supply chain, when it comes to our pharmaceuticals, critical minerals and others and one thing we should learn from this pandemic is never put ourselves in this position again. Look what Japan is doing. Japan is pulling back those companies from China. We should do the same. Our allies could as well and we can make the world stronger and never be in the situation again."

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