Bannon: ‘We Have To Have the Stomach for this Fight’ To Confront the Chinese Communist Party

‘This is this generations call to destiny’

WATTERS:  "Joining me now, Steve Bannon who has been warning about China for almost a decade it seems. Do you think America including Democrats have the stomach for this fight?"
BANNON:  "We have to have the stomach for this fight. It’s a fight for freedom. The Chinese people are the innocent victims. This is about a totalitarian regime every bit as brutal, every bit as cold blooded, every bit as tough as the Nazis in the 1930s. In your opening monologue, you talk about New York City. New York was a hot spot because of JFK and the travel coming in from China. The Chinese communist party knew they had human-to-human transmission and community spread. They hid it. The world health organization tweeted, after consultation with senior officials in the communist regime, there is no human-to-human transmission. The Chinese Communist party knew it, they went around the world and vacuumed up all the ppe knowing that they would need and and later they could use it as leverage against other countries. When President Trump stopped travel, New York would have been 10 times worse if he had not stopped travel from China on January 31. Joe Biden took the side of Beijing.  He took the side of the totalitarian dictators, saying this was xenophobic and nativist.  And so I think the democratic party particularly the Bernie people, the economic nationalist, the labor union, the working class people particularly in the upper midwest who are old school hard-core labor Democrats understand what the Chinese communist party has done with the slave labor in China. This is about the freedom of the Chinese people, we have to confront it, we don't have a choice.  This is this generations call to destiny. We have to confront this and beat it."

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