David Jolly Rips Trump: ‘The Less We Hear from the President, the Safer We Are’

‘The reality is, the message from Donald Trump is dangerous’


JOLLY: “Look, in some ways it’s good that Donald Trump is confined to his room. Most people would suggest lysol into their homes would be in their room or another institution. I understand this plays poorly with the psychology that apparently he’s kept up in his room, but so are the American people. And you know what, the American people aren’t complaining. The American people are asking for the advice of public health officials. Donald Trump not withstanding that he said this was 15 people and was going to go to zero and the hydroxychloroquine recommendation and now the Loy sol recommendation, the reality is the message from Donald Trump is dangerous. It conflicts with that of our public health officials and the less we hear from the president the safer we are. And I would also say this, Nicole, in terms of his own behavior in this moment, this is a man since the outbreak of covid-19 has spoken and tweeted more about his own approval ratings than he has about the 50,000 Americans who died under his watch.”

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