Dana Perino: Biden Has Enough Baggage and He Doesn’t Need Whitmer’s from the Lockdown

‘I will say, she has made this a pretty political deal’


PERINO: “When it comes to the Governor of Michigan, I would say a couple of things, she's made this pretty political. She started wearing that t-shirt 'That woman in Michigan,' which was a reference to something President Trump had said about her and she decided to take it to the next level. And also, don’t forget this, she actually gave a contract to one of her Democratic buddies to get some health information about Michiganders. And then she had to pull that back. So, I think when it comes to the political currents of all of this, she will be swept out to sea and not considered a VP choice for Vice President Biden. He's got enough of his own baggage, he's not going to pick up hers as well."

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