Pompeo on Trump’s Frustrations with the WHO: They Need to Demand Answers from the Chinese Communist Party

‘It was completely appropriate that world ask the right questions’

POMPEO: “It was completely appropriate that the world ask the right questions, and this is the President’s frustration with the World Health Organization. That is the institution with the task underwritten in part by the American people and countries all around the world. It is their task to protect the world from precisely what is happening today. That means they need to get answers and datasets, and they need to demand that from the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party needs to come clean about what took place so that the whole world can see what took place. When we do that, there will be time for accountability, we'll be able to attribute what happened, who did what, and we can move on from what is now an incident that has destroyed so much wealth not only here in the United States but all across the world.”

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