Tucker: MSM Will Call You a ‘Racist’ If You Ask Questions That Make China Look Bad

‘Our media are freely choosing to follow the directives of the Chinese communist party’


CARLSON: “So everything you just heard is factually true, so naturally “The Daily Beast” which is run by the dumbest and worst people in the world summed it up this way, “Bill Maher goes on despicably racist rant against China over Coronavirus.” China, the most racist country in the world. China the country where the communist party has now imposed tight new restrictions on any research and to have exactly Coronavirus began. So in effect, our media are freely choosing to follow the directives of the Chinese communist party. Don’t ask any questions that might make China look bad otherwise you are racist. That said, wet markets may not be the actual origin of the Coronavirus. The wet market is not where it came from. In it was funded in part from $83.7 million grant from the U.S. Government. Heard anything more perverse than that today? Probably not. Gordon Chang is the author of “The coming collapse of China.” Thank you so much for coming on. And so China has banned or tightly restricted further research into the origins of this global pandemic. Why would they do something like that do you think?”

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