David Remnick: Trump Is ‘as Bad a President as Bad Can Be’

‘I do think that presidencies don’t end until they end at the polling place’


REMNICK: “Millions of people seem to believe this stuff until the very end. And part of the — horrible part of this presidency, is that rather than have a president that speaks the truth, tries to communicate with all sides, doesn’t deny science, is that he is distorting machine for information. He confuses the nation, he sets it into a state of imbalance. David Ignatius was describing the situation on the aircraft carrier. Why did that Secretary of the Navy behave the way he did? Because he felt he was expected to by the culture of the Trump presidency. And the people that were willing to defy that, or even finesse it, are gone. They're all gone, they were fired. Month after month, we talked about the so-called grown-ups in the room. They were people I didn’t agree with on policy, God knows, but these were people who were capable of or tried to rein in a president who is as bad as bad can be. Those people are gone. And here's where we are paying the price.”

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