John Boelts: Agricultural Industry Is Facing Long-Term Labor Challenges for Harvesting Domestically Produced Foods

‘For now our food supply chains are intact and doing quite well, my concern is long-term’


BOELTS: “Thanks, Dana. The most important thing is farmers and farmworkers staying healthy, so that’s our number one priority right now and making sure that we can continue to do what we need to do, the necessities of providing sustenance to American consumers. We are out here every day still farming and working in the field. So there are some challenges for us or how to adapt to social distancing. Most of the work that we do is out by ourselves doing irrigation and attractor work but when it comes time to harvest fresh vegetables like you see in the lettuce behind me, it takes an number of people. So for now our food supply chains are intact and doing quite well. My concern is long-term. This Coronavirus crisis highlight some difficulties we’ve been talking about for three decades now, which is our lack of labor supply for domestically produced food, America’s farmers and ranchers producing food here in the United States for American consumers.”

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